We help sports organizations to find talent and trained professionals who can lead the processes of digital transformation within their organizations, and we enhance the business growth of companies that are present in different scenarios of the sports industry.


We rely on over 200 organizations from 30 countries that are part of the GSIC, as well as on wide a ecosystem of professionals in different areas of the sports industry that add value to our programs by sharing with the students their experience and vision on the reality of the sector.


We count with ESBS as the leading business school in the sports industry and with the experience of the GSIC as the unique innovation center in the world focused on this sector from the point of view of trends in the fan experience, Smart Stadium, sports performance and business.

Entrepreneurship in Sport

Entrepreneurship in Sport

  • 1200€

Master in Digital Transformation of Sports Entities

Master in Digital Transformation of Sports Entities

  • 7200€

Educational Project by ESBS

The GSIC Institute is a training center with main goal to facilitate connection between supply and demand of education that currently exists in the sports industry. We are aware that all the sectors are experiencing the digital transformation now and sports entities are submerged in the technological proposals that different tech companies make them every day, but most of these entities don’t have the capacity to cover them all because of lack of time and professionals with digital knowledge.

GSIC Institute will train current and future workers in the sector so they can bring innovation to their corresponding sports entities, making them leaders in the market.

On the other hand, we want to offer students excellent opportunities and appropriate tools that can accelerate their incorporation into the sports industry, facilitate contacts and, of course, knowledge of the latest trends in the sector.

In addition, GSIC Institute will offer a space to entrepreneurs who can create the contents of educational programs and deliver them at the classrooms, transmitting to the students the reality of the sector through the practical cases that they work day to day.


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